HELLO 2016! January 14, 2016 13:51

2015 was a crazy and eventful year! It was my first year in business, and let me tell you guys, it was filled with adventures and sometimes running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Nevertheless, I learned a lot. LABela started as a dream, then a conversation, and then reality. I started LABela because I wanted to bring a little bit of my culture to everyone. Along the way I've learned so much. I also met some fantastic bloggers, fellow shop owners, and most importantly YOU guys, customers!! You are the reason I'm still here. Thank you for loving LABela Bags. 

I know there is still a lot more that I need to learn, but I'm always up for the challenge. If nothing else 2015 has taught me that perseverance and staying positive will always make any situation worth while. 

I'm very much looking to 2016!! 

Happy New Year


Diana xo