How to DIY Moon Pendant March 22, 2017 18:56

I'm always looking for fun DIY projects. I had my eye on this project for a while.. its super cute and I thought it'd be nice decor to add to the house. Guys! When I tell you it was easy I mean it. I would say total it took me about 1 hour to cut out all the pieces and spray paint. The paint took about 2 hours to dry.. and I love the end result. 

Tools needed:

  • Thin sheet metal- doesn't have to be super thin... but just make sure the metal isn't too thick or else it'll be too hard to cut. I got this at Home Depot

  • Jumprings-purchased at Michaels

  • Metal hole punch- i'm cheap so went old school.. used nail and hammer for the small holes haha its up to you! 

  • Cutting pliers- get this at home depot

  • Pencil

  • Circular object

  • Yarn

Do It!

  1. Using your circular stencil and a pen, draw out your moons. 
  2. Cut out the moons with the cutting pliers. Its not easy to cut out around the shapes. It was tricky for me. Go slowly around the edges, when you separate the shape from the rest of the metal then you can focus a little bit more on precision cut.
  3. Once everything is cut its time to use the hammer and nail to make the small hole on each metal sheet (I know its a little ghetto, but it works).I made two holes one at the bottom one at the top of each moon.
  4. I took the metal sheet outside and spray painted it gold, since the sheet I found was silver. Spray paint it and let it dry.
  5. Once dried get the yarn, measure the pieces of yarn of the length you want it to hang. This is all preference.
  6. And you're done!! YAY good job.. Now go find somewhere cute to put it. 

Crafts and stuff March 05, 2017 20:43

Sorry I've been MIA for the last two weeks. I've been spending some QT with my little fam.. today Elena and I finished some our projects we had been working on for the last month. I love having her in my life, she brings so much laughter and love in it. Hope everyone had a great weekend, tomorrow we are back to the grind. 


I'm very excited to announce we will be getting a new shipment in towards the end of the month or early April. Julian, my vendor in Guate, has been working on some cool new stuff for you all. I can't wait to show it to you!! As soon as I know release date, I will make sure to post it. 



MAJOR Moving Sale!! February 19, 2016 18:14

Hi there!

As many of you  know I'll be moving to Virginia Beach next month. I'll be moving there to be with the love of my life. It's a bittersweet move. However, I'm excited about this next adventure life has offered me. I'm of course going to miss my family and friends. I never imagined I would be moving across the country, but here I am. Personally I believe when you're offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, you must say "CARPE FUCKING DIEM" and seize the opportunity, or you'll regret it.

"You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough". Mae West

Below are some of my favorite pieces I have in the collection.

Since i'll be shipping my whole life, I thought I'd rather have you babes pick the perfect Mayan bag for a great price.

BIGGEST Sale we've ever had starts Sunday, February 21st- Saturday, March 5th. 

the universe favors bold moves,

Diana xox


HELLO 2016! January 14, 2016 13:51

2015 was a crazy and eventful year! It was my first year in business, and let me tell you guys, it was filled with adventures and sometimes running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Nevertheless, I learned a lot. LABela started as a dream, then a conversation, and then reality. I started LABela because I wanted to bring a little bit of my culture to everyone. Along the way I've learned so much. I also met some fantastic bloggers, fellow shop owners, and most importantly YOU guys, customers!! You are the reason I'm still here. Thank you for loving LABela Bags. 

I know there is still a lot more that I need to learn, but I'm always up for the challenge. If nothing else 2015 has taught me that perseverance and staying positive will always make any situation worth while. 

I'm very much looking to 2016!! 

Happy New Year


Diana xo


Mark your calendars, stop by and visit us on June 27th at The Grand in Long Beach. xo June 17, 2015 14:15


We are celebrating Mother's Day with a SALE until Saturday.
Use code MOTHERSDAY to receive 25% off any purchase over $37.
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We had a blast shooting with our favorite photographer and dear friend Danny García, check out his work at!

We were also excited to have partnered up with the gorgeous babes from Gemini Gypsies Boutique!

Stay tuned for more pictures!!

LABela slouchy bag & Gemini Gypsies Maxi Dress.